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a few questions about OS X and GNU/make/etc.

I'm working on a G-4 running OS X (10.3.9 if I remember correctly) and trying to set up a few things. A Jabber/XMPP Server for one and a mail server for another. However I've noticed that all the binaries for PowerPC OS X XMPP servers I can find error out at some point on install and for some reason it doesn't seem to have "make" or any of the other GNU/Linux/*nix command line functions I'm used to when dealing with the source installs.

So my main questions are:
1) How does one go about installing "make" and all the libraries it needs to successfully run in OS X? Is it any different for 10.3.9?

2) Does anyone know of any tutorials on doing the above or any quirks I may run into?

3) Does anyone know where I can find possibly the binaries for an install of a mail server or Jabber/XMPP server for OS X?

Thanks, and apologies for some cross posting, having a hard time finding resources on this on google or in "the missing manual" and still pretty new to the deeper parts of os x.
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